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Pure Fish Label: pure, honest and attractive

For the international market, Fishmasters offers a special assortment with the Pure Fish Label.
Products with this labelcontain no E-numbers, no colouring or preserving agents or flavour enhancers. In short they are natural products for conscious consumers.

The Fishmasters assortment with the Pure Fish Label include:

  • Plaice fillets
  • Fillets of Alaska pollock
  • Hake fillets
  • Cod fillets
  • Whiting fillets
  • Dab fillets
  • Fillets of Senegalese sole
  • Hoki fillets

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Experience the purchasing power of an international group

Experience the purchasing power of an international group

The best dishes (with carefully selected ingredients) are made by people who have experience.
At Fishmasters you can count on both. Fishmasters is part of the Kennemervis Group (°1935), with 15 branches in Western Europe and a staff of more than 550 people. Each day you can count on the dedication of each and every one of them.

Ongoing R&D for constantly better products

During the time between preparation and serving a lot of things have to take place. This is also when a lot of the delicious flavour can be lost if the process is not handled professionally. The Fishmasters R&D team is constantly designing techniques to preserve the fresh flavour of the ingredients as perfectly as possible and to make the final stages of product regeneration as easy and risk-free as possible.

Professionalism meets state-of-the-art technology

Many types of fish are filleted and cut by hand for Fishmasters within the Kennemervis Group. Professionalism is also a key factor in the preparation of stews, breading, cooking, frying, traditional frying and filling fish. At the same time the company is constantly investing in state-of-the-art technology in order to guarantee you and your clients constant quality.

For all tastes, all applications, all kitchens – the ultimate delicious product

For all tastes, all applications, all kitchens - the ultimate delicious product

New recipes are being created every day, adapted to satisfy the taste preferences of different countries, to meet sector-related demands and offer solutions for the different ways clients want
to process the products. This is the role for the international team of product developers and the reason why you can count on the flexibility and innovation of Fishmasters. Only products that meet the strictest technical norms and that pass the most stringent tests in existence – the panel of tasters – get the final seal of approval for production.

Go behind the scenes at Fishmasters

The passion and knowledge of the Fishmasters people makes that every day, delicious and beautiful products are made. Products that are healthy, innovative and sustainable.
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