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The ASC acronym stands for "Aquaculture Stewardship Council and is a sustainability label for farmed fish. The ASC label is used in both B2B and B2C markets. 

The ASC label is initiated by the World Wildlife Fund and Sustainable Trade Initiative established. ASC is like MSC an independent nonprofit organization that has developed a standard for sustainable fish from fish farms. At ASC, traceability is just as important as durability.

Products with the ASC recognizable logo are fully traceable back to the sustainable farms.  ASC is still a very young organization and operational from early 2012. Still a limited number of farms can be audited for the ASC label. The successive  partners such as trade and processing will follow to prepare the Chain of Custody certification. ASC strives to 15% of the farmed fish imported into the EU to be ASC-certified in 2015, rising to 30% in 2020. This year the organization expects that ASC certified pangasius and tilapia is available. 
Fishmasters ASC CoC certified. (certification number: ASC-C-00007)
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